Monday, September 24, 2012

The Final Countdown, and Some Thoughts

As I am writing this post, Mists is less than 24 hours away. I decided to stick with my Shaman most likely, although I may switch to a Monk later on in the expansion, possibly raiding with one by 5.1. Either way, I will be healing the first group of raids on my Shaman, and I am okay with that, to be honest. I really love the Shaman cooldowns(although they would be complete with a good tank cooldown), the new totem mechanics, and I think that Shamans will be extremely strong healers in the first tier, possibly even seen as semi-mandatory in certain fights/settings. I am no theorycrafter, so I really have no math to back up that previous statement, but it is just a general feeling of mine. We will see how things pan out soon enough.

Once things get really going, and I actually get back into the gold making game I will resume writing about that subject. I also plan on providing Resto Shaman specific short guides on every raid boss. Nothing too deep, rather mostly focused on talent choices, glyph choices, and certain mechanics that one should be especially aware of as a Shaman.

Other than that, I am just anxiously waiting for the expansion to drop, ready to log into Orgrimmar, pick up the quest, and get questing in Pandaria!

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