Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My UI of the Day: Raiding Setup(Resto)

Today I want to go over my current UI setup for raiding on my Restoration Shammy. I won't get too in-depth with all the ways I have tweaked each individual addon, but I hope I will be able to give you an idea of what may work for you if you are raiding. Here is a quick video of me healing a little out of combat, to show off some of the aspects of the UI.

A more detailed description of what is going on will be past the break!

Addons using:

WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)
Totem Timers
Bitten's Spellflash Library
Satrina Buff Frames
Titan Panel
Minimap Button Bag
Tidy Plates: Neon

Here is what it currently looks like out of combat:

A few things that need mentioning here. First, I am using WeakAuras not only to handle the big three cooldowns on the top of the screen (Spiritwalker's Grace, Spirit Link, and Mana tide), but it is also handling my mana bar right in the center, and the target's health bar right above it.

The reason I decided to use WeakAuras to handle those two things was because in a fight as a healer, I really do not need to see the whole unitframe for either myself or my target. What I really need to see are: my mana, and my target's health. This is because on certain fights(like Spine, or Madness, for example), sometimes I shouldn't be lightning bolting the target for mana, if their health is too low(in the case for the Amalgamations on Spine), or if it is too close to a certain threshold that we shouldn't pass(like on Madness with the arm).

I am using a smaller screen to play(16 inches), so making the most of my screen space is very important. I need the center to be relatively clear so that I can be aware of my surroundings, and position well, but I need my information to be near the center enough that I don't have to look all the way across the screen all the time to see what I need to. So far, this setup meets both criteria.

Let my know what you think in the comments!

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