Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Going Into Overdrive

As I am writing this, my scribe is currently making over 400 Blackfallow Ink, and it is taking FOREVER. And this isn't the end of it either. I have thousands more to process and turn into other inks before the pre-MoP patch hits in a week. I am aiming for between 5 and 10k inks total, and really only limiting myself by the amount of herbs that I can buy off the AH.

Beside that, I am currently taking a look at every class' glyphs, and trying to decide what will be the ones most in demand so I can hopefully present a nice little list to you before the patch hits. I am thinking that the nice little aesthetic glyphs will be the most in demand, like the Priest one that transforms their shadow orbs into ravens(ala the raven priests in Northrend), or the one that gives Paladins 4 wings rather than just 2. But again, I will have a more precise list coming to you soon-ish.

On a non-gold-making-note, I am currently preparing for my upcoming Monk. I already have all the heirlooms that I need(beside the ring, that I would love to get, but have never won the tourney), so all that remains is getting the scrolls of agility figured out, and the weightstones made. Yeah, I am that particular about my new Monk :P

So, what are you doing right now, now that Patch 5.0.4 is right around the corner? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Panic! Panic! Panic!

    Running Scarlet Monastery and Scholo for bop/boe trasmog gear and Goldthorn.

    Levelling alts and professions.

    Herbing, milling, inking at 27 of every glyph aim was 40 but not enough herbs coming on to the AH / time to farm.

    Buying chaos orbs, Aoe looting + deepholm could be insane, need more big bags for alts.

  2. Moar inks! Moar inks nao!

    I think I'm up to about 15k inks right now and climbing, I've already started converting them all so it's a bit difficult to tell lol

  3. got my inks to where i want them - i dont know about the demand. Will every panda and monk buy the entire set to start with? - perhaps not, i suspect they will buy the glyphs as they need them. any new glyphs though for existing classes will be bought on mass. good times ahead for scribes, but not glyphmas.

  4. I will have around 10k inks by the time I'm done preparations. Half of that will be converted to half ink of the sea/half ethereal. The other half will be split to the other inks.