Friday, August 10, 2012

Wint-- erm... Mists is Coming

I just wanted to share how very excited I am to see this post today confirming that the Mists patch is being downloaded right now. This falls in line with mine, and many others' prediction that the pre-patch will go live either this upcoming Tuesday or the following. Most likely the latter.

In my case(as a resto shammy), as I actually still raid Heroic content(have cleared a few times, but still doing it to get a drake for everyone, just got mine last night!), it means that I will have to reforge everything once it goes live. This is because the change to Telluric Currents, from being an amazing mana regen tool, to being just free LBs. Currently, my gear is almost completely reforged out of spirit into mastery, then haste to the soft cap. After the patch, I will have to go back into spirit. Thank god I just got my heroic spine healing trinket :)

Anyway, I am really really excited for the patch, and really looking forward to seeing how raiding the current content goes, whether it will be significantly easier, or maybe even more difficult. What do you think?

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  1. I am excited as for at least 6 months Cataclysm has felt like a one player game with strange levels of lag.I can go back to Wotlk when I had about a dozen friends playing WoW along with me, now nearly all have stopped playing with no intention of returning.

    I am a bit worried though as my current hardware is barely hanging on in terms of running Cataclysm and I think MOP will break it especially with the huge numbers going to assault my server.

    In terms of anticipation though I am interested to see if this talent system is going to be as bad as I assume it is and also I want to see how things will work out goblin wise with my stockpiling and gold making strategies.