Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How the Blizz Ruined Glyphmas

You heard it here first folks: you can still trade Blackfallow inks at the Ink Traders, at least that is what the Known In-Game Issues site says right now. Okay, you probably heard it elsewhere, but here I am writing about it now. What does this mean? Essentially, that the whole stocking up game that some of us have been doing for the pre-Mists patch has basically been for naught.

Well, not so quick. As it is, sure, there won't be the crazy low supply of herbs that makes glyphmas great, but there will at least be a lot of demand, which will still mean more glyphs sold, and higher prices most likely. That stock of glyphs/ink that you have? Well, it will almost certainly come in handy whenever they fix the issue(it is listed as a bug, although it may be intended. Who knows?), or in the first few weeks or so after Mists launches. All is not lost, but I can definitely understand the frustration that some of you must feel.

Myself, I am just glad that I didn't go all out and get like 20k ink stocked up. Only about 10k-ish on me :P I will be just going about business as usual, and keeping the inks stocked up for when Mists launches.

EDIT: I forgot to credit my source, @msherretz on twitter, aka Michael Sherretz, probably best known from the amazing Auction House Junkies Podcast. Sorry about that :P


  1. Yea so I'm uber pissed, I have over 24k ink stocked >.>

    I'm also doubtful this was a bug

  2. would not be surprised if it was intentional - though the demand for glyphs on my server has increased but no where near the Catacylsm patches level.

  3. the way I have been reading things around the various forums it seems to come across as intended as in they didn't want to do what happened last time which resulted in Glyphmas in the first place.

    Definitely a let down but it could be worse because at the moment I can't get auctionator to scan without killing my computer =o(

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