Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Top Glyph Picks for patch 5.0.4

In the upcoming patch, 5.0.4, the whole glyph system is being revamped, and many glyphs are being removed/changed/added. Given that, there will be many people looking to buy some of the new glyphs for their characters, whether it be for looks, or for utility. Here, I hope to list what I think will be some of the best sellers in the month leading up to Mists of Pandaria. Granted, this is just speculation, but I hope that the reasoning that I provide for my picks makes sense to you. I am going to limit myself to no more than 5 per class, so I do not overwhelm you, so don't take these picks as being the only one I see as good sellers, but just what I think will be the best sellers. Generally, I will try to stick with 3 major, and 2 minor glyphs each.

Death Knight:

Glyph of Dark Simulacrum: I can imagine this becoming very popular in the PVP scene. Dark Simulacrum is already a very powerful ability, and in some cases, game changing, so being able to cast it twice as often, and having its duration increased seems amazing to me, if not semi mandatory.

Glyph of Icy Touch: Whereas the previous glyph may be semi-mandatory, this one, at least to me, seems absolutely mandatory for PVP DKs. Being able to offensively dispell is very powerful, and against certain classes, like Mages with Ice Barrier, the appropriate use of Icy Touch can make for a very short fight.

Glyph of Death Coil: I am not so sure about the strength of this glyph, but I am sure that this kind of ability, being able to shield allies(or minions, especially with the Glyph of Death's Embrace) can make for a very interesting playstyle, unlike anything that DKs have at the moment. So, the novelty value alone makes this one of my top picks.

Glyph of the Geist: There were a lot of really great minor glyph choices here, and I encourage you to invest in them all, but this one especially seems like it's going to be the top seller out of them. There are many Unholy DKs out there(including myself in arena), and being able to change the appearance of your permanent minion seems like it will be very high on the priority list of things to alter.

Glyph of Corpse Explosion: Again, there were a lot of other good choices, but this one seems the coolest, which is what minor glyphs are usually all about! Sure, it doesn't do any damage, but who doesn't like to explode some corpses?


Glyph of Lifebloom: When I used to heal on my Druid(before I switched to my Shaman), one of my chief issues was that in a 2-tank fight(one where the tanks switched on the boss), I had to cast LB 3x on each switch. With this glyph, we get the convenience of only having to cast it once! Yay! I can also see this becoming very nice in PVP, when every GCD is precious.

Glyph of Prowl: This was a toss-up between this one and Glyph of Savagery, since I am choosing 3 minor glyphs this time(you will see why). Because I am no theorycrafter, and so cannot give a definitive opinion about whether or not the latter will actually be a DPS increase, I decided to go with what I think will be very interesting. Obviously, having no movement speed penalty during stealth will be very nice.

Glyph of Stars: I am not sure if I am in the majority or minority in this view, but I detest Moonkin form. I just hate how it looks. Now, whether or not my view is particularly more popular than the contrary, overall, there are certainly going to be many who share it, given the sheer number of players.

Glyph of the Stag: I hope this one is pretty obvious to you. If it's not, I don't think I will be able to make it so.

Glyph of the Treant: There was much QQ-ing at the removal of Tree-form as a permanent state, so I can imagine people just running headlong to get that ability back. Simple as that.


Glyph of Camouflage: Actual stealth, even with a 50% movement speed reduction, will be very popular, especially in BGs. 'Nuff said.

Glyph of Explosive Trap: Again, I can imagine this glyph being VERY popular in BGs, especially those where you can knock people off of very high places.

Glyph of Marked for Death: This is a good quality-of-life glyph that will make leveling much more streamlined, for one. Granted, it won't mean anything for single-target raid fights, but saving a GCD on any target you switch to seems really great, and probably a minor DPS increase.

Glyph of Aspects: This seems like a really cool aesthetic kind of glyph.

Glyph of Fetch: This will, almost certainly, be the single-best selling Hunter glyph. Being able to make your pet go loot corpses, coupled with aoe-looting, and with a neat macro to boot, will make Hunters the absolute best farmers ever. That simple.


Glyph of Fire Blast: From what little I have read(because I do not play a Mage at high levels) this seems like it will pretty much be mandatory for Fire, but still nice for the other two specs. I would expect a semi-mandatory glyph to sell a lot.

Glyph of Ice Block: This one seems really good for PVP, especially with the immunity to spells after the block ends.

Glyph of Water Elemental: This seems like a really good leveling glyph, and additionally, would be pretty good for PVP if your elemental gets targeted.

Glyph of Illusion: Gosh, I love the Potion of Illusion, so being able to just cast it whenever seems like too good of a deal. I expect many others to share this feeling, and pick this one up!

Glyph of Conjure Familiar: I haven't checked out the actual looks of these suumoned companions, but either way, people really like little aesthetic things like this, and so I expect this to sell like crazy.


Glyph of Consecration: I do not think that this glyph will particularly improve the Paladin tanking style, but it sure will be cool to use Consecration like a DK's Death and Decay, so I expect a lot of people to pick this one up at least for the novelty value. But who knows, I could be wrong about the usefulness of it, please correct me if I am wrong.

Glyph of Divine Plea: Now, I do not play a Paladin, but I can imagine that being able to just do a 5-sec cast to get 12% of your mana back, rather than suffer through reduced healing for a period of time, is a clear choice.

Glyph of the Battle Healer: Again, I do not play Paladins, and I am no theorycrafter, so I do not know if the idea of healing through melee damage will work for them, but it seems like it would be nice for Holy, as melee also will restore mana to them.

Glyph of Winged Vengeance: 4 wings is always better than 2. That simple.

Glyph of the Luminous Charger: Originally I was going to include the Glyph of Righteous Retreat, but unfortunately, that glyph requires ink that come with MoP, so instead, making your mount glow seems like something that a lot of Paladins will want.


Glyph of Dark Binding: This one seems like a really good quality-of-life glyph for anyone leveling, as you no longer have to shift out and back in to Shadowform to throw a Renew on yourself. People really like things that streamline leveling, so I predict that many will like this.

Glyph of Lightspring: One of the biggest complaints that my fiancee used to give about running with PUGs was that they never clicked on her Lightwell. Well, now they have no choice, because the Lightspring clicks them! I cannot imagine this NOT selling a ton.

Glyph of Shadow Ravens: This makes your Shadow Orbs be represented by ravens, just like the Raven Priests in Northrend. This is a really cool aesthetic thing, and I expect it to be very popular.

Glyph of Dark Archangel: Along similar lines as before, this looks cool. Cool sells.

Glyph of the Val'kyr: See above.


Glyph of Shadow Walk: To preface this section, I do not know enough about Rogues to even begin to comment about most of the major glyphs, so there will be less of them than the other classes. That said, this glyph seems near mandatory in a PVP scenario(especially BGs), as you definitely do not want to be the Rogue who doesn't have this and is easily detected, while not being able to do the same to those who have it.

Glyph of Disguise: being able to look like other things is always a plus, and is always popular.

Glyph of Decoy: I could actually see this one having some good uses in random BGs, as in the mayhem of battle, a little distraction like this can go a long way toward survivability.


Glyph of Chaining: Although I do not think that I will be using this glyph, I can see the appeal of it to 10m raid healing. I expect a lot of shamans to pick this one up just to try it out, if anything else.

Glyph of Riptide: Again, I don't think that I will be using this myself(probably not), but a glyph that radically alters healing style is bound to be popular.

Glyph of Deluge: I love the way this makes my Chain Heal look, and I expect others will too.

Glyph of Totemic Encirclement: I know a lot of Shamans are going to miss having 4 totems down at once, so I expect them to pick this up, just to feel a little better. I suppose it may even have a little use in PVP, to distract enemies from what the real totem is.


Glyph of Demon Hunting: I assume that Warlocks will not be able to be tanks, but being able to kinda be one in a pinch seems very appealing. Just the fact that this glyph gives Warlocks something so radically out of the norm is enough to get it to sell, just to try it out.

Glyph of Imp Swarm: Being able to summon 5 imps at once seems really nice, and again, things that make one's playstyle a lot different are always desired, if but for the novelty factor.

Glyph of Eye of Kilrogg: Being able to place portals from a distance seems really nice, and probably actually useful in certain circumstance, like BGs. Plus, it's just cool.

Glyph of Nightmares: If you haven't seen a video of this effect, I really suggest you go look. It is freaking sweet, and I can see this glyph alone selling more than any other Warlock glyph in the month leading up to MoP.


Glyph of Bloodcurdling Shout: As you can see, I have included no major glyphs here. That is because I do not know enough about Warriors to comment on really any of them. If you do and want to enlighten me, please leave me a comment! But to this one. Being able to shout at little animals just seems really cool, so I expect this to appeal to a lot of people, just for the fun factor of it.

Glyph of Thunder Strike: I expect that a lot of Warriors will want their Thunder Clap to look a lot cooler. This does it.

So, that does the long list. For some classes, there were more that I wanted to include, but didn't for brevity, and for others, I wish that I knew enough to include more. But here is a starting point for you to think about what you think will sell a lot in the month before Mists. Let me know in the comments what you think! Think I am really off, or maybe I am on to something? And if you know a bit about what Paladins, Warlocks, Rogues, or Warriors will be wanting, please share!


  1. Don't suppose you have any glyphs to avoid? i.e. the terribad ones, ones that are disappearing etc.?

  2. That's a good question. I am not really sure about that, to be honest.

  3. Nice list, i have been making some of these to sell

    But could you possibly add a list to what the old glyph was (If it is a converted glyph)

  4. Thanks for this! I'll be making these 2nd after I post on Tuesday

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